How To Increase The Life Of iPad?

ipadiPad is tender device which needs a proper care for proper functioning. There are lots of methods to take care of your iPads. Few are easy while few are quite technical. This chore is not really a big deal if you do it properly. If you are no aware of these things and don have your own iPad, you can go to rent iPad Sydney to fulfill your requirement of iPad work.

Here we are mentioning a list of some simple methods to pamper your iPad.

  1. Clean the Display Often:

Be very cautious while selecting cleaning things. You just need a soft fabric which should be free from lint. Fibers in the cloth can scratch your iPad displays. In case of tenacious stains, you can also faintly dampen the cloth to clean your iPad better. Rub your cloth in a circular motion to fade away those rigid prints that irritates you and don’t wipe off easily like oil prints or fingerprints. iPad screens form of an oleophobic layer which is sensitive to tough cleaners. So you must not use these kinds of chemicals that can destroy this coating. Also seize an air compressor can that is used to clean out the ports by shower the air in the charging port, SIM card slot and headset jacket.

  1. Preserve Your Battery Iife:

Generally gadget has reduced battery life after some time.  iPad is also going on with the same complaint. But why this happens? Batteries are made up of Lithium-ion. So they have very stumpy discharging proportions per month or can say the negligible rate. So in turn they last longer. You should do one thing to enhance its life is to have at least one charge and discharge cycle/month. That means charging iPad till 100%, and then uses it completely until it automatically shut down and then only charges it again.

Another factor that can affect it is heated. Heat can reduce battery life up to a great extent. So keep iPad away from heat source or direct sunlight. In case you forget your charger at home, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. to save battery to exhaust fast. Reducing illumination and disconnecting the 3G network can also save your battery.

One more thing that you must do is switch off all the multi-tasking apps when your iPad is not in use. iPad let multiple apps run at the same time. To close down a few of them do a double hit on the ‘Home’ button and a tiny menu will open at the foot of the screen which will show all the app icons with a cross sign. Simply press the sign and your running apps will be closed at the back end.

  1. Proper Storage:

Electronic devices are prone to water and moisture. So you should avoid placing your iPad on those places that are wide-open to water and moisture. If not taking care, it can be very risky for catching fire. Due to water iPad can also be ruined. Apple endorses storing these types of devices between the temperatures -18 to 45 degree C’.  So just like humans iPads are also sensitive to extreme temperatures. So it is better not to leave it in car overbearing sun rays. We consider that until and unless somebody drops it or sit over it, these devices are perfectly ok. But you should also consider the temperature factor.

  1. Protection & Security:

One must place iPad securely where the risk of steeling in bare minimum. Don’t leave them open in any public place. One should certainly set a passcode, so that it can be accessible to you only. To do this simply goes to ‘Settings’ then to ‘General’ and then ‘Passcode Lock’. This will inhibit any impish person from misbehaving with your iPad.  If iPad is misbehaving or functioning stubbornly, show it to service center only. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So half trained repair shop workers can create havoc for you and your lovely device. One should keep in its bag or cover to avoid any breakage and to have chipped ends.

Also a backup should be done on the device you use.  Sometimes due to no one’s mistake some miss happening can happen. So it should be your habit to do a backup every month.

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