Handy Tips for Your Apple Gadgets While Traveling

These days, people often travel with their treasured mobile devices. Whether on personal or business trips, they are seen carrying their laptops, tablets and smartphones of varied sizes.

A Nielsen study covering some 6,000 Apple and Android users has shown that travelers use their mobile gadgets in different ways. The motivation behind using smartphones or tablets, for instance, is not necessarily similar to when using a laptop.

Regardless of how they’re used, owners of Apple gadgets and other mobile devices should know how to take care of their personal electronic products.



As to what to bring and what not to bring, the more experienced travelers recommend bringing only an iPad mini and your full size iPad. They’re lighter and do not take up so much space. You can simply put them in your backpack and bring it as a handcarry bag without the need to check it in.

The regular size iPad is also more comfortable to use when on the plane. Owing to its longer battery life, users do not need a power plug during their flights. Another advantage is that the device is easy to position on the tray table which means easy viewing experience for viewers who may want to watch videos or movies to entertain them.

With these benefits, iPad owners can be sure to enjoy a stress free travel. Whether they want entertainment via video watching or reading, need to plan their itinerary and take photos, they can always do all these using their portable Apple tablets.

To protect your iPad, keep it in bags that won’t tell people you’re carrying the device. Best to use satchels and dingy purses instead of the usual laptop bags.



When bringing an iPhone, make sure it is unlocked and if possible the older iPhone 4 or 4S of AT&T or that of Verizon. The AT&T iPhone can be unlocked for free using the telecommunication site’s unlock form. It takes about five to seven days to unlock the device. Verizon may offer a free international SIM unlock so be sure to check it first from the company.

Keep in mind that telecommunication companies normally do not unlock any smartphone that are still under contract.

Do buy a local SIM card once you get to your destination. This will help you go around easily using your iPhone without having to bring a real map.

Don’t forget to bring extra batteries as well just in case a power plug may not be available while you’re going around.

To keep your iPhone safe, experts recommend to carry it in your front pocket. You may also keep it in your bag or a zipped jacket pocket.

Finally, always label your devices. It should have your contact information and instructions on how to return it if possible in different languages or in the language of the country you’re visiting.

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