Floor Preparation: What You Must Know

What Does The Process Involve?

Floor preparation, as the name conveys, is the process of peeling the existing floor surface in order to create a quality sub-floor for the new flooring. Floor preparation is done to ensure that the sub-floor is free of any contamination and is even. The experts also check that the sub-floor has standard CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) to gain desired strength in any overlay, coating or top finish.

Whether you are refurbishing the existing floor or installing a new one from scratch, floor preparation is crucial to get desired finish and other physical characteristics of the final flooring. Floor preparation is required in all types of floorings including concrete, tiles and hardwood. 1

Why Consider Investing In Floor Preparation

Overlooking on floor preparation, you will compromise on the longevity and strength of the ultimate flooring; what’s more, you will get a poor surface finish when floor preparation is skipped. Several studies have shown that builders who underestimate the need of floor preparation often end up developing floors that begin showing cracks, holes and loose joints over time. So, floor preparation is equally important as the main flooring itself.

Investing in floor preparation will contribute to the higher cost of your property and will get you a great looking flooring. This is an investment worth making! Sometimes property owners need to switch from one flooring type to another. In such case, floor preparation is inevitable. The method is also opted to refurbish existing flooring and make it look new or create new flooring from scratch.

Diamond Grinding – High Quality Floor Preparation

Experts recommend diamond grinding as the most effective and efficient technique for preparing the sub-floor, technically called floor preparation. The method is used in epoxy coating and many other flooring applications. Diamond grinding machines can take off the existing coatings, adhesives and membranes, leaving a smooth and even surface.

Diamond grinding is widely used in concrete leveling tasks by contractors. These machines are designed to provide you with clean, even and spotless floor surface. What’s more, this equipment doesn’t produce dust during the operation, making it a truly viable choice for contractors. Regardless if it is a new construction job or a regular maintenance work, diamond grinding makes the best fit to your ideal flooring needs.

While Looking Around For a Floor Preparation Company

For quality outcomes, it is strongly recommended to hire the best floor preparation specialists in the town. There are actually many around, but you can leverage the power of the web to shortlist some that can best fulfill your project needs and match your budget.  Before finalizing the selection, know the experience and actual expertise of the company.

Don’t hesitate to ask them for their previous floor preparation projects. You may also enquire about the diamond grinding machines the company use and learn about its technical specifications. Check if the company ensures safety and risk management during the work at the job site. Verify if they have trained and skilled technicians with ample understanding and knowledge of floor preparation projects.

While aging is a key reason for the deterioration of floor surfaces over time, there are many other factors such as poor floor installation, lack of regular maintenance and higher load or traffic that can fade away your flooring. Dust, debris, grease and other foreign particles reduce the surface adhesion. Such floorings eventually turn into a potential health and safety hazard for the occupants; this can be even more crucial if the property is a hospital, corporate office, school, or any other place where hygiene is the key concern. Quality Floor preparation can efficiently address all these concerns.

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