7 Ways To Save Money With Friends In College

7 Ways To Save Money With Friends In CollegeCollege’, the paradise of cherished moments, is where innocence of the teens cuddles the bunch of naïve memories. As delicate these college days are on heart, as hard they are on pocket.

I remember how I wanted to save every penny during my college,even though I used to receive a healthy amount of it, because I wanted to do so much at once. And do you know helps the most in saving during the college? It’s our friends! Yes, our chat buddies, secret sharers and crime partners!

Here are some of the methods that I adopted (or I should have), along with my friends to save money during college.

Plan the Budget

No matter how handsome amount of pocket money one receives or how much shortage of cash one is facing, planning the budget is the utmost requirement to abstain from unnecessary expenses. I am not saying that the budget should be followed religiously, but one must make a rough structure of possible expenses and then prioritise where to spend the money, what to carry forward for the next month and which expense to drop. Although it seems very simple and kind of silly but you’ll be amazed to see how much you can save through this budgeting. So sit with your friends, make budgets and have fun!

Eat Where You Get Student Discounts

It is totally comprehensible how lavish restaurants and food spots can tempt one. It is almost impossible to say ‘No’ to a friend when asked to dine out. So, find alternatives. Go out, have fun with your chaps, it is your birth right! But, instead of choosing classy and expensive places, go for the places that offer student dicounts. While you and your friends are unaware of such offers, but in rel world, such places do exist.

Hangout AtFriends’

Are you hanging out at a coffee house or a Pizza Parlour? Please! How can you even imagine saving with such lifestyle. Instead, choose a friend’s place and make it a hangout spot. You will love the privacy you’ll get their; get to taste healthy, delicious meal and save lots and lots of money. See, friends help.

Go Green

This one really helped me. I knew that my senior friends were never going to take a glance at the previously used books once they were done with the semester, therefore I always used to request for their old books, and frankly, they were in pretty good condition since they hardly used it. Just kidding! But infact the books were good enough to be used again. This will also save you good amount of money.

Work In The Extra Hours

You are obviously not in the College 24*7, so utilize the extra time that you have to do something productive. An easy way to work in after-college hours is getting a part time job off campus or even better if it is possible on-campus. Though if you feel you want to make use of your creativity instead of working plain and dry, then grab some friends and go for entrepreneurship! You can put up a food stall outside your campus, start free-lance content writing, sell 3-D printed shirts or do anything crazily genius that would help you gather some money while you also enjoy what you are doing. Plus, it’d allow you to have some added cash to spare on things like getting help from coursework writing service UK when you’ve a dissertation to complete.

Go For Group Studies That Are Worth It

If you have not yet, then start taking group studies seriously since they are a great source for getting good grades and earning Merit-based Scholarships. If you even get a 50% scholarship, imagine how much you have saved in that particular semester.

Join Committee

Join any such committee with friends, in which little amount of money is pooled every month and given to a particular member of the group each month. This way you can save a small amount every month and attain a large accumulated amount after few months, that you can utilize to pay your fees and alike.

Happy saving fellows!

Author Bio: Kristy Megan is a self-proclaimed career consultant with much of her expertise gained by working at prominent firms in UK. Apart from her loyalty with her field, she’s also a passionate artist who loves the whole thing creative.

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