Premature Ejaculation: Why it’s Bad For You

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Ever had sex with your partner and you ejaculated sooner than your expected? Well, it may be that you have become a victim of premature ejaculation. Although, it is not fatal but it has some serious side effects in your life which are discussed below:

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation aka early climax, is a sexual dysfunction related only to men. When you indulge yourself into sexual intercourse and you expel semen unintentionally, it means that you are having premature ejaculation.

Here are some of the problems that are caused by this sexual dysfunction.

You Don’t Feel Control over Your Orgasm

Although orgasm cannot be controlled by will, but it can be stopped once you know that you are going to climax soon. For people with PE (premature ejaculation), they climax unintentionally which leads to other problems such as unwanted pregnancies.

It Makes People Feel Embarrassed

Premature ejaculation can cause one to feel embarrassed. In a world where it is important to perform well in bed, PE is a sexual issue that can cause major problems since individuals with this condition find it difficult to satisfy their partners, and hence feel ashamed of their performance.

Some Avoid Pursuing a Relationship

Some men reported that PE caused them to avoid any kind of sexual relationship with their partner which distresses the relationship and leads to breakup. This causes emotional breakdown and sometimes isolation as well. The worst is that most individuals tend to stay away from speaking to a specialist and as a result go under depression. They are unaware of solutions like emla cream.

You’ll Feel Less Satisfied and So Will Your Partner

According to some reports, women don’t complain or understand about this condition. It may be understandable since they do not suffer from such a condition. However, since it makes sex less enjoyable, PE can lead to frustration and issues with the partner.

You’ll also want to enjoy sex for a longer period of time but when you’ll ejaculate; you will not remain in the mood to do more, which again leads to frustration and distress.

PE can Cause You to Have Anxiety

If you have been a victim of PE for a long time, it is probable that you’ll have anxiety problems in your life too. This is because you’ll be afraid of having sex and maintaining a healthy relationship. PE can also cause you to be anxious and worried during sex.

Is There a Treatment?

Most scientist suggest that premature ejaculation is caused by super-sensitivity or psychological problems. Focusing on romance, foreplay and enjoying lovemaking rather than satisfying your partner, can make you last longer and lead to satisfaction, naturally.

There are also some creams available online, that can lower your penile sensitivity which can improve your performance. However, if that doesn’t help you then you should consult a doctor because there may be other reasons that are causing you to have PE.

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