How to get the best car insurance?

While a ‘one-size-fits-all’ car insurance policy doesn’t exist, there are steps you can take to help find out what car insurance is the best for you

Car insurers calculate premiums using a range of factors including age, sex, occupation, and car usage. As a result, the best car insurance deals for one driver could be the wrong deal for someone else.

1. Getting the best car insurance deals – your car
The value of your car can be a hugely important factor when deciding on what type of insurance to get – and how much you end up shelling out as a result.

If your car’s worth less than $1700, the best car insurance deals are likely to be in the third party, fire and theft category.

This means that if you have to make a claim, other parties involved will be compensated, while you’ll still be covered in the event of a fire or if your car’s stolen.

If your car’s worth less than $900, it’s probably not worth considering fully comprehensive cover as the yearly premium could end up costing more than your car is worth.

If you have a high performance vehicle or classic car, then you could be better off speaking with a specialist provider who understands the risks.

Classic car insurance quotes will usually take into consideration the costs of replacing original parts and general maintenance.Pretty girl in a car

2. Getting the best car insurance deals – your age
Insurers often penalise young drivers heavily for their inexperience and increased risk, but there are still ways to keep costs down – see our nine top tips for finding the cheapest car insurance for young drivers.

While older drivers tend to have many more years of experience on the road, insurers say that the likelihood of older people claiming on car insurance is higher and the cost of those claims is greater for this group.

Older drivers with fairly expensive cars are usually better off with comprehensive car insurance which covers damage to your car as well as to others involved in an accident.

3. Getting the best car insurance deals – extra drivers
Generally speaking, the more drivers you add to your policy, the more expensive it will be. If your additional drivers are experienced and the car is of high value (around $8500 or more), comprehensive cover is a must.

If you can avoid adding drivers who may only use your car infrequently, you could make large savings by taking out temporary insurance for other drivers as and when you need to, rather than having them included on your policy permanently.

4. Getting the best car insurance deals – no claims bonus
Going five or more years without making a claim will put you in a great position to get cheap car insurance. This is because insurers recognise that the fewer claims you’ve made in the past, the fewer you’re likely to make in the future.

Additional drivers are normally unable to build up their own no claims bonus while on somebody else’s policy, though some insurers, such as Direct Line and Tesco, let additional drivers gain a history of no claims.

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