14 DIY Projects That Will Make You Want to Go Outside

Don’t get caught in a couch-potato rut this summer.

There’s a great, wide world out there that’s waiting to be explored. While other people are sitting around watching summer reruns, it’s time to unlock the wonder of the great outdoors. A little DIY inspiration may be just the key.

Being cooped up inside is for winter. Once you’ve gotten your taste of summer sunshine, you won’t want to set foot indoors until Labor Day.

1. Chair Swing


Spend lazy afternoons swinging the day away on a vintage-looking, homemade swing.

2. Natural Sunscreen



Feeling anxious about all the chemicals in store bought sunscreens? You can make your own effective recipe for when it’s time to hit the beach.

3. Bottle Birdfeeder


Recycle your old bottles while also inviting the beautiful birds in the neighborhood to hang out in your yard.

4. Sponge Water Bombs


On hot and sticky summer days, cool off with a fun game of water tag — without having to clean up broken water balloons afterward.

5. Picnic Blanket Game Board


Have a relaxing picnic in the park with built-in entertainment too.

6. DIY Citronella Candles


Keep the bugs away with your own custom-made scents.

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