Is It Safe To Use Lip Plumping Products While Having Acne?

shutterstock_119745496Should I continue using cosmetics for lip plumping with acnes or pimples on the lips? The question is frequent and common among women who like using this product. If you are suffering acne on the lips or you are having pimple breakouts, it is vital to see a dermatologist. Women mostly strive to keep and maintain good looks all the time. Sometimes, they will use any products to have their lips looking plump and full. Some won’t even consider acne or pimple treatment first. Evidently, there are some products that can worsen acne on the lips. Though the lip plumper may not be the cause of the pimples, they may act in increasing and causing irritation on affected parts. It is thus vital to seek medical care for issues of acnes or pimples on the lips and any other skin parts.

3 lip plumper lipstick products that work

Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lip color, Jane Iredale phoenix sugar and lip exfoliator and Duwop Tinted Prime Venom are 3 lip plumper lipstick products that work. They work well for plumping lips.

Do Lip plumping Products cause Acne?

Lip products and others are not responsible for those pimples or acne on the lips. The only thing possible is that the use of some products can result to worsening of the situation or the problem. Some products as mentioned earlier always work better and give good results compared to others. Some lip plumbing products keep off pimples and acne. It is, therefore, wrong to say that the lip plumping products are the causes of your issues. Lips plumpers are vital for improving the appearances, size and texture of the lips. They give them a supple look; make them softer, smoother and plumper. It, therefore, makes you more beautiful admirable and attractive. However, depending on the choice of the product, the effects on the lips last for a given period. Going the surgical way to attain plumper lips may, on the other hand, give you permanent results and improve the appearance of the lips forever. If you notice acne, stop using the products and see the dermatologist as a first step.

Stop blaming lip Plumping products for your acne

Unfortunately, some people think the lip plumping products are to take the blame for acnes and pimples on the lips. However, there are other factors that are actually responsible for the pimples or acne on the lips. Dietary choices can be a cause of the acnes and pimples outbreak on the lips. Hormonal imbalances too are another cause. Some medication can result or lead to breakout of acne on the lips. Also, it can cause worsening of the condition. Stressful conditions can also lead to chapping of the lips and appearance of acnes on the lips. Acnes on the lips can be sore and you need to treat them immediately. All these factors can result from the presence of acne on the lips. Use the 3 lip plumper lipstick products that work.

Why can Lip Plumping Products Worsen Acne?

Some lip plumping products are safer for use on the lips than others. Some products have acne remedying effects. Other products may have harmful chemicals while others may have a lot of oil in them. Too much chemicals on the lips as a result of use of the products may cause more damages on the lips. They may lead to worsening of pimple or acne breakouts. Some products for lip plumping may also have a lot of oil. Too much oil in the plumping products may cause worsening of acne. It may worsen the sores too. The use of wrong products can cause irritation and itchiness in the acnes. Worse still, they can lead to bleeding and pain. However, if you use the advice of a dermatologist before commencing lip plumping, you are less likely to use products that worsen the acnes or pimples on the lips. Apparently, the products will not cause breakout of the issue.

What to Do about Acne?

If you note or realize acnes while still using lip plumping products, it is good to stop using the products and visit or see the dermatologist. Alternatively, there are some practices to reduce and treat the acne. You can use some ice on the lips to reduce the pains and irritation in case the acnes are characterized by painful sores. Use clean towels while using the treatment to avoid germs entry. You can also use steam treatment for your lips to treat the acne. Another effective way is using lemon juice in reducing the acnes and treating them. The use of lip products should also be halted for a while to allow the lips some time to heal and breath. Some chemicals in them may be a cause of the worsening of the condition. After treatment you can continue using the mentioned 3 lip plumper lipstick products that work.


Use of lip plumping cosmetic products needs to stop when you realize or note pimples or acnes on the lips. However, it does not imply that the products are the cause of the issues. Some of the products may contain harmful chemicals that can worsen pimples, sores and acne. See dermatologist as an initial step.


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