How Do Headphones Cause Acne, Zits and Trigger Blemishes on Face?

shutterstock_275019905No matter how much we wish it for, there is no magic spell we can use to have clear. From time to time, we are bound to suffer from acne, with zits and blemishes generating more or less discomfort. While we have many solutions available, either in the form of store-bought products or natural remedies, it is only normal that we ask ourselves: why is not our skin clear all the time? Well, the answer is not simple to provide and it includes a number of factors.

Genetics are often incriminated for the appearance of acne and blemishes; if you have had such problems in your family, it is guaranteed you will suffer from them as well. Apart from that, acne breakouts might be triggered by hormonal imbalances, especially during the puberty period. Add to that improper hygiene and unhealthy diet and you have the perfect recipe for acne breakouts. However, there is one more factor to consider and that, unfortunately, is one of the most used gadgets out there. We are talking, of course, about your headphones.

How can your headphones cause acne, zits and trigger blemishes? Well, there are many people who have asked themselves the same question. The truth is that we have gotten accustomed to using our headphones all day long, no matter where we are going or where we might find ourselves. This means that our headphones are present when we use the bus, go to the gym or visit various stores. They have become an accessory we cannot do without but also one that makes us suffer from acne.

You might not be aware of this but your headphones, when worn for prolonged periods of time and not properly cleaned, they represent the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Many people who wear headphones on a regular basis have complained of acne breakouts, predominantly in the temple area and also around the jawline. Recurring breakouts are common in those who wear the headphones around their necks as well, so don’t think that you are protected if you wear them like that.

Let’s take a practical example, in order to understand how the problem actually occurs. Say you like going to the gym and working out. But you also like listening to your favorite tunes while working out. In order not to disturb other people, you put your headphones over your ears and start working out. You can crank up the music and perform all sorts of exercises, sweating your heart out. Well, all the excess sweat is going to penetrate the cushioning material of the headphones.

The buildup of moisture at the level of the headphones is going to favor the development of bacterial populations. We all have a population of bacteria present on our skins but excess sweat will only favor their overgrowth. As the headphones compress the skin, bacteria will multiply without any problem and lead to the appearance of acne breakouts. And don’t think that this is the only risk you are exposed to. Given said conditions, fungal populations can multiply just as rapidly, leading to the appearance of yeast infections.

From what has been until now, you are probably tempted to throw your headphones away. Well, there are many people who have sought out scar treatment, after they have suffered from severe breakouts due to prolonged headphone usage. However, if you want to prevent such problems and enjoy a clear skin, all you have to do is maintain excellent hygiene, including when it comes to your headphones. Clean them with antibacterial wipes and, after each wear, clean the skin in the respective area. If you do not have time to wash, at least, use some antibacterial wipes and protect yourself against such problems for skin care.

It is also recommended that you refrain from using your headphones while you are performing intense physical effort, as there is no way to prevent the excess sweat from being absorbed into the material. In the situation that you have noticed the headphones have become discolored, it is recommended that you switch them with a new pair. If you have noticed that your headphones are damp, let them dry thoroughly before using them again. These are easy precautions to take and the benefits are clear.

As it was mentioned in the beginning of the article, we can only dream about always having a clear skin. However, we can reduce the risks associated with improper hygiene by taking a few simple measures. It is common sense that you should refrain from wearing headphones that are moist or deteriorated, as this is one clear way to transfer bacteria on your skin. Moreover, it is just as obvious that you should disinfect the headphones with antibacterial wipes, on a regular basis, so as to prevent bacterial overgrowth.


Author Bio : Sophie Addison is a beauty expert. She is an independent health and beauty researcher. She is 28 years old studied Medicine from University of Washington, apart from this she enjoys gardening and listening music. She has written numerous articles on beauty care, skin car, makeup tips and many more like this. You can also contact her on Facebook and Twitter.

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