Fitness and Workout Sessions can now be Book Through the Online App

Fitness and Workout Sessions can now be Book Through the Online AppEveryone wishes to stay healthy and fit, but with the busy life, it becomes quite difficult to do workouts on a regular basis. Some people hit the gym so that they try to lose some extra fat, but on an average they go for workout not more than ninety days and the main reason are because of their job or other activities. Some days they might have more work load and they fail to do the workout and sometimes they might have other personal commitments which might stop them from working out on a regular basis. There are some gyms that offer workout packages that might not suit the customer, but with no other option many people register themselves in the local gym.

The on demand services are more popular these days and there are many businesses that run depending on these services like clothing, beauty, massage, spa, taxis and now fitness has also joined the group. Thus, the user has to simply download the fitness app in their smartphone and the app lists the number of fitness studios and gyms available in the area. The users can access the gyms at flexible timings and they need not worry about the membership. The introduction of the fitness app helps a person to join a gym that fits their needs and requirements any time that is comfortable for the person. They also have the option to select a person fitness trainer who can help them in the workout session.

Fitness on demand

There are many on demand fitness apps available in the market, which helps in scheduling a workout anytime without any membership procedure.


Including the Sydney, London and New York, the ClassPass app helps in booking fitness classes in thirty cities. With the help of this app, a person can have access to over eight thousand fitness studios and gyms for a monthly fee of only seventy nine pounds. This app allows you to book the fitness class for 4 times each month in all the gyms they wish to participate. The main aim of this app is to make everyone do the workout with their flexible timings. Studio Lagree this is a California based Pilates studio that has gained more popularity among the users after connecting with the fitness apps.


This is a private limited service that operates and owns fitness studios and gyms across the country. It also offers spas apart from the fitness classes, it helps the people to find the best fitness and health service centers at affordable prices.


This is a fitness app and service that offers the people a fitness solution to the people by partnering with the famous gyms that allows the users to join the fitness program without registering for any kind of membership or monthly contracts.

Somuchmore is a fitness app that is based in London and it helps the users to access over forty thousand classes that include spas, studios and gyms. In this app, the users have to register for a monthly membership and they can cancel or pause the membership any time.


This is an app based in India and offers around four thousand trainers and six thousand fitness studios in around twenty cities. This app allows a person to join a fitness program that helps them to save the money and time. They help in locating fitness centers that offer activities like aerobics, Zumba, boot camp, Pilates and body combat. The user can choose a fitness program using this app and save their money and time.


A fitness app called Book Your Game was launched in India. The main feature of this app is that, a person can book their fitness classes on a session basis rather than registering for a membership. When many registers for the membership and find it difficult to attend the classes, this app helps to schedule the session and that helps the people to save their money and time.

Fit Gurus

This is a fitness app that allows the clients to sit at home and do the workouts in their flexible time. The app provides videos that help the clients to clearly follow the steps and do each workout, if the client has any doubts regarding the workouts or fitness queries, they can chat with the fitness experts and clarify them.


The London based fitness app allows the user to book a training session or a one on one session with a professional trainer. With the help of the app, the users can have a quick fitness session anytime anywhere. The users can book a fitness program that allows to book a fitness session in advance. After each workout session, the client can rate the trainer so that they can ensure that they are provided with the best service. The clients or users can select the gender of the trainer and they can also fix the location according to their preference, it can be at the hotel, office, home or park.

Fit pass

This is the fitness app based in India and it provides fitness classes anytime, anywhere across the country as it has access to more than one thousand one hundred gyms and fitness studios. With a monthly payment of Rs.999, a person can book a fitness program that will allow them to join a workout program according to their requirement. The main advantage of this app is that it helps the users in locating all the nearby fitness studios and gyms that offer yoga classes, Zumba classes and others.


The Indian based fitness app offers access to more than 20,000 activities and fitness programs in over thousand areas in the city. By downloading the app, the users can book their fitness routine, even near the office or home. The clients or users can filter the class according to the time, venue, activity and area. Once when the user filters the studio, they will get the direction of the area where the fitness class is held. The fitness class ranges from dance, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, gym, Zumba, swimming and other classes.

Personal trainer

When the gyms and fitness studios are gaining more popularity among the people with the help of the app, the trainers also have a great chance of getting more attention from the public with the help of theses fitness apps. The trainers can register in the fitness app called the PTN1 through which the clients can contact a fitness trainer to train them with their workouts.


The idea of staying fit, burning some fat and working out seems to be a good idea, but finding the correct fitness place or gym that fits our schedule and location is quite a tricky process. Because when you join a gym at a particular time, the person cannot be sure that they can always be on time. There are many things that a person has to manage each day, from office to personal activities each day brings new responsibilities that might make the person miss their workout session at some point and there are some fitness centers and gyms that ask for membership for three months or six months or a year.

If a person is irregular to the workout session, the amount paid at the registration becomes a waste, so the launch of the fitness app provides a flexible and affordable fitness session.

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