7 Ways to Save Your Skin in Your 50s and Beyond

Skin 50s beyondIf you want to know how to restore the youthful qualities of your skin in your 50s and beyond, you have come to the right place. Your skin now needs a lot more attention but it is still possible to make it smoother, reduce aging signs and restore its youthful radiance. Here is a complete skin care regimen for the fastest and most considerable results possible.

In Your 50s

According to skin care experts, this is the decade where considerable collagen loss occurs, resulting to saggy skin. The reason for this is because menopause causes a decrease in estrogen which negatively affects the production of collagen in the skin. It also causes the skin to become dryer. This is the reason it is best to use collagen-boosting products and those that hydrate the skin thoroughly.

In the Morning

Wash your face with plain water or use a mild cleanser.

  1. Antioxidant Formulation

Inflammation is one of the primary causes of skin aging. This is the reason you need to use an anti-inflammatory antioxidant serum or cream in the morning. Look for products with potent antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid. When these 3 antioxidants are combined, the result is a powerful free radical neutralizer that can help slow down skin aging.

  1. Moisturizer with SPF

These have become very popular as anti-aging products that work by thoroughly hydrating the skin and at the same time protecting it from sun damage. It should be used daily and re-applied as needed to keep the skin plump and soft. Look for products that offer SPF 30 protection.

  1. Eye Serum or Cream

The eye area is one of the places where skin aging signs start to appear. If you haven’t been taking care of it, your problem has probably become severe by now. Look for products that work in treating all skin aging signs in the eye area including dark circles, eye bags, crow’s feet and puffiness. The best formulations utilize powerful antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

  1. Neck and Chest Treatment Serum

If you have been neglecting this vital area in the past decades, it is probably already filled with wrinkles and saggy skin. Fortunately, there are anti-aging formulations specifically for this area. These products use more concentrated formulations, utilizing powerful anti-aging peptides that boost collagen production.

At Night

  1. Gentle Cleanser and Exfoliating Treatment

Cleansing is important because it allows the anti-aging formulations to penetrate the skin more effectively, resulting to more optimal effects in diminishing aging signs. The skin should also be exfoliated at least once a week in order to encourage cell turnover and help boost collagen production. Gentler formulations that use glycolic acid and peptides are recommended for matured skin.

  1. Anti-Aging Night Cream

These formulations are usually rich, containing powerful hydrating ingredients and anti-aging compounds. The best products enhance collagen synthesis in the skin in order to strengthen its extracellular matrix and improve firmness. Good anti-aging night creams should also neutralize free radicals through anti-aging ingredients like vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid.

  1. Skin Brightening Formulation

If restoring the youthful radiance of your skin is the top priority, you need a perfect skin lightener. It should use gentle ingredients only and not contain harsh ones that can irritate the skin and cause adverse effects. A good product can also be used to treat skin discoloration problems like age spots.

In Your 60s and Beyond

If you are already in your 60s, you need to be more careful since the skin tends to become more sensitive. The skincare regimen shouldn’t change much except if your skin becomes sensitive to certain formulations. If this is the case then you may need to switch to a gentler product. Since the skin becomes thinner and more delicate, you should exfoliate less often. You may also need to look for a richer moisturizer for oily skin and apply your antioxidant serum more often.



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