Western Australia Travel Tips

Australia TravelWestern Australia is a very popular holiday destination.  It offers an exciting outdoor lifestyle, diverse culture, great accommodation as well as culinary delights.  If you are travelling to Western Australia, here are a few travel tips:-

  • Fishing – although fishing is a very popular activity in Western Australia, it can sometimes be very dangerous.  It’s important to keep informed about changing weather conditions along with wave conditions if you’re planning to fish at sea.  Remember to take the right fishing safety gear, be careful and enjoy your fishing.
  • Road safety – self-drive holidays in Australia are great fun.  They provide the perfect opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world.  Before setting off, it’s worth bearing in mind that driving around Western Australia involves long distances, weather changes and having to pass large commercial vehicles known as road trains.
  • Currency – the currency in Western Australia is Australian dollars.  Alternatively teller machines ATMs are readily available to obtain currency in 20 and 50 dollar notes, no worries.
  • Sun protection – OK you’re getting ready for a vacation of a lifetime in Western Australia but remember it’s going to be hot.  Always apply lots of sun cream and wear a wide-brimmed hat for extra protection.  Don’t forget the shades, after all you’re on holiday right and drink plenty of water.
  • Beaches – no doubt during your visit to WA you’re more than likely to be heading for the fantastic beaches.  Western Australia has more than seven and a half thousand miles of glorious coastline so make the most of it while you’re there.  Check search and marine conditions which can vary significantly.
  • Time zone  – yes Australia has different time zones.  There are three time zones in Australia, Western Australia standard time is GMT +8hours.
  • Accommodation – there’s a wide range of accommodation to choose from. Hotels to hostels, caravan parks to self-contained studios with family rooms.

For comfort, affordability and a great location check out accommodation Broome.  This family style accommodation in Broome is near Cable Beach and close to many attractions.

Spacious self-contained studios and family rooms

To make your trip to Western Australia even more enjoyable book a self-contained studio or a family room in Broome.  You will only be a stone’s throw away from the towns:-

  1. Tourist attractions
  2. Restaurants
  3. Galleries
  4. Shops
  5. Stunning beaches

Enjoy the accommodation’s semi-shaded free form pool as well as outdoor dining areas with free use of BBQs, ideal for socialising with family and friends.  Click on broometimeaccommodation.com.au for more information regarding corporate amenities and facilities.  Corporate services include a small training, meeting room for 10 to 12 persons with morning tea, lunch, and afternoon catering options.

Expect clean, comfortable, cheap accommodation in Broome, a charming beach resort in Western Australia.  Whether travelling to Broome on business or pleasure, conveniently located rooms represent excellent value for money. Make accommodation Broome your first priority in Western Australia, fair dinkum.

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