Introducing Back to Base Alarm with Self Storage

After much anticipation and a long wait, you have finally bagged your dream job. Unfortunately, you have to shift to a new neighborhood to curb the distance between home and office. However, you have already given up your place and are looking for a rented apartment. During those initial periods, you need to store your belongings under strict security. With the introduction of Self Storage facility, now you do not have to worry about the well-being of your items. There are couple of good self-storing firms who offer lockers and rooms to store your personal belongings. The items will stay under close supervision, without giving right to anybody else but you, to open and manage the belongings, as and when needed.self-storage7

Adding the back base alarm:

Previously, security personnel maintained these Self Storage facilities and the services were manually handled. Now, with the advent of modern technologies, your belongings are not kept under tight automated security. One such addition is the introduction of back to base alarm.

  • Mostly defined as part of high security storage, these back to base alarms are associated with pin coded access and even individually alarmed.
  • Adding electronic surveillance helps in tightening security and prevents trespassers from entering the place.
  • The alarm is simple to use and adjusted with the storage unit you have. If anything negative happens or any trespasser tries to intrude, the alarm will go off immediately, in turn alarming the security personnel.

Pin coded access services:

Reputed Self Storage firms offer pin coded access for storage rooms and lockers. It provides valued customers with the security they need:

  • It is primarily defined as code access system. Here, the customers have the right to choose their own 4-digit code for entering and exiting the complex. No one else will be allowed to enter the premises of the building.
  • Not just 24 hours of accessibility, but every movement is recorded and kept in database. It can work as proof, in case of any untoward incident.
  • The driveways are covered with security cameras, especially the exit and entry gates.

Individually alarmed services here:self-storage-facilities

Each one of the Self Storage unit is individually alarmed to protect your valued possessions. These alarms are placed at storage unit level and in complex entrance level.

  • Once you have entered the pin code to enter the place, the gates will open right in front of you, and the security alarms will be disarmed.
  • For exiting the building, you have to press the pin code once again, and secure the alarm. Once you move out from the vicinity of the storage unit, the alarm will be activated.
  • It is vital to change the code from time to time to avoid anyone else from entering your secure storage premise.

Store all your belongings here:

As the alarmed Self Storage centers are well-maintained and secured by experts, it is simple to access and choose when you want to visit your storage unit. Whether you are shifting to a new location or just renovating your old place, these storage centers will take proper care of your belongings. If you want an additional layer of protection talk with the managing team and they will provide you with solutions and any assistance that you require.  Before you finalize any of these storage companies, it is advisable to check their credentials either online or by speaking with people who have used their secure storage facility. It will help you to know their real working capabilities and give the satisfaction that you have invested in the right storage facility.

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