How to Stay Friends with Your Ex-Girlfriend

how to stay friends with your exBreakups have never been nice and cheerful. Well, some cases do have a strong demand for a breakup and people become happier right after they do so . Nevertheless, the general experience of the humanity assumes that it is possible to remain peaceful after exiting relationships. Later on, you can develop a healthy friendship that will last forever. Our team and dating site made up a guide to staying friends after a breakup.

To begin, you need to decide if you actually want to stay friends after being a couple for quite a long time. On this stage, you will bump into some significant questions for consideration:

  1. Are you ready to become friends? Have your wounds healed? If not, give it more time. You were together and now you are not; your brain has to adapt itself to new circumstances of life. It also works for your ex-girl.
  2. Do you really want to become friends? Maybe, she was cruel and hurt your feelings multiple times when you were together. We are assured you know it; yet we would like to point out – building a friendship takes even more than building loving relationships. Consider just letting her go.
  3. Do you want to become friends because you hope to get together again? If so, give up on this idea and throw it away! Friendship bases on several fundamentals, and one of them is honesty. Hiding your intents from your ex-girlfriend has nothing to do with honesty.
  4. Do you understand that your ex will eventually start seeing other men? If not, you should bear this in mind. She is not saving herself for you while you are friends – she keeps on living, which means she is going to date someone else. Decide if you can handle that.

Having answered all these questions, you can start your way to a healthy friendship with your ex-girlfriend. We offer you a five-step guide that will help you comfort your girlfriend for becoming friends after a breakup:

  1. Once enough time has passed, you inform your ex-girlfriend that you want to become friends. Base the method of notification on the level of distress during the breakup procession. Nevertheless, we recommend calling her and planning to meet for coffee. Live interaction is always more effective. If you text her, she might think that you just want to have sex. Vice versa, your eyes cannot lie and she will believe that your intentions are decent.
  2. Leave your life as a couple in the past. If you want to maintain a friendship, there must be something in this girl except her attractive physical and sexual features. Therefore, you will find the way to keep the conversation going. In the beginning of your new friendship, avoid talking about the one you are seeing now.
  3. Meet in the public places and plan something non-romantic. Avoid intimate atmosphere! It might bring up some fire inside and you will make a mistake (we will talk about it later). This will decrease the probability of fighting or getting intimate with your ex. Ask her to help you choose a new mixer. Why not?
  4. A few things should not be done under any circumstances. Do not sleep with your ex! For sure, this will make you think of getting back together (and you will fail at establishing friendship!). We believe that reunions work rarely. If either you or your ex is getting too attached and old feelings start to arise, then do not force the friendship. Letting go might be the best decision, no matter how grievous it seems to be.
  5. Waiting until you both find new partners is a good decision. It would help two of you not think about each other as possible partners and you can start to view each other in a platonic way.

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