Hen Night Ideas

Hen NightWell girls, this is one chance to really let go, especially for the young lady who is about to tie the knot. The hen night is traditionally a time when the bride to be and all her friends, celebrate her forthcoming union, and also have one last party as a single girl. For the person who is saddled with the responsibility of arranging this event, here are some ideas to help make the night swing!

Outsource everything

Yes, that’s right. Simply contact a party bus hire company who will arrange everything, and they have a range of tour ideas, from outdoor venues to raunchy raves. For the ideal Perth party bus, see http://www.bustamove.com.au/, with a range of party ideas, as well as unique party transport. The only task required of the girl who has to arrange the gig, is to make a call, or visit a website, the rest is done.

The buses

Party vehicles are specifically designed to carry party goers from one location to another. They ensure that the party continues, as the group are preparing for the next venue. The hi-end audio system will belt out her favourite playlist, which the organiser had copied and prepared, surprising the hen and making her feel special.

The tour

Hen’s tours can take a number of forms, some girls prefer the outdoor life, so maybe a beach party. Other groups really want something raunchy, after all, it isn’t every day the girls can have an all-female party. If raunchy is on the menu, fear not, as the experts have it covered. Male strippers are always a welcome addition to any hen night tour, so expect to see some naked men. One idea is to build a profile of the hen, and her friends, who the organiser would already know, and then consult the party bus people. They can customise everything, from the venues, the transport, and the music, making it a night the hen, and the other girls, will never forget. Perth party bus tours offer a unique ambience for any hen party.

Themed nights

Always good for that special girl’s night out, theming the party adds a little spice. Imagine the looks one would get when a group of schoolgirls file into a bar! If one is creative, there is no limit to the unique party experience one can create, especially with the help of the experts. Why not really surprise everyone, and simply give the guests a date, time, and location, and when they have all arrived, make that call and the party bus swings round the corner. After the group recovers from the transport surprise, the mystery tour will keep them entertained, with the party continuing on the road.

The perfect hen night solution

Contacting a party bus hirer is a one-stop, total solution for a successful hen night. The transport, the venues, and the music, are all provided by the same company. With many years’ experience arranging raunchy hen nights, they can produce the right package to give that special girl the right send off.

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