This Kid Is “Apparently” Responsible For The Most Viral Interview In History.

While Newswatch 16‘s Sofia Ojeda was reporting at Pennsylvania’s Wayne County Fair, young Noah stole the show when the reporter asked him the simple question of what he thought about one of the rides. Noah grabbed the microphone from her and went on the most adorable little rant about everything: live television, his grandpa, playing the Powerball, what it feels like to be dizzy and so much more.

All while, he overused word “apparently.” Apparently, he said it 8 times.

This local news clip has gone so viral, that it’s ranked up more than 8 million views in just a few days on YouTube.

He has been stuck with his gramps for so long, it’s as if he is absorbing his personality. From the Powerball to the mundane description of that dan-fangled-spinny-contraption, you can tell he picked up some mannerisms from his old man.

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