10 Most Depraved Erotic Cities in the World

  1. Sex Disneyland, Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand officially names this city Sex Disneyland, with the slogan that “Pattaya never sleeps. For you, it is the best tourist attraction.” Each year, 3 million tourists gather here, enjoying a novel night life and sex freedom in 25,000 guestrooms of 275 hotels that scatter on the city ($10 to $80 per night). 1

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Famous for its spicy food, New Orleans is even better known for its time-honored blues. Its slack and perfunctory alcohol laws are a blessing to the round-the-clock bars. However, its status as a sin city is now being challenged by Las Vegas. Of course, if you are not robbed when walking on the street, congratulations!2

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

That is right. Las Vegas, a city imbued with sin, is the number one killer of marriage. Not only can it separate a harmonious couple, but end a person’s life within a short time. Is there more about sin? Besides, it is also the main shooting location for luxurious social occasions in films.3

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is unbelievable that the local actually think their red-light district is not the best due to its lack of organization. It even holds Cannabis Cup in mid-November each year. As to tourists with better self-discipline, they can visit the Sex Museum.4

  1. Gatecrasher, U.K.

Few music venues can surpass this Sheffield nightclub in terms of energy and dissoluteness. Sweat, drugs and alcohol are never absent here. If you ever visited it with some money, you probably know what they are talking about.5

  1. Goa, India

This is a nice place to educate 20-somethings, for they can be as free as kites here. In fact, it is here that you can fully understand what depravation is. Think about Aerosmith (a hard rock band in the 70s), and you will see the point.6

  1. Gold Coast, Australia

I want to go surfing! Gold Coast is a place of jaw-dropping dissoluteness, depravation, sex and alcohol. Besides, it offers tourists first-class erotic car washing service. Think about it. It is fairly exciting with a real bargain of $13 each time.7

  1. Ios, Greece

Ios is a place that you cannot afford to miss. Numerous wholesome and well-bred people gather there only for crazy entertainment and drunkenness. Their crazy moves like dancing on the table and staying awake all the time are beyond imagination.8

  1. Monaco

I beg your pardon? You want us to provide you with the best brothel guide? No way! But if you want to live like a real player, you might as well try Monaco, a grand and charming city in Europe which is said to be the best tourist spot on land. However, you must be prepared for serious overdraft of your check book.9

  1. Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand

The bungalow here costs $2 to $20. However, with over ten thousand people drinking and dancing to Hip-hop, Techno, Rap and Reggae played by DJ on the beach, you will never be able to sleep. Of course, you may also run into cheaters with conjuring tricks.10

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