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Four Ways to Improve Your Productivity

Everyone wants to get more out of their day. Everyone wants to be more productive but sometimes staying productive whether at work or even at home can be a challenge. Even if you are the most productive person you know, there are always opportunities ...Read More

Tow Trucks – The Unsung Heroes

Tow trucks provide a vital service on Australia’s roads. When a car gets into difficulty, it is often the job of a towing service to come to the rescue and pull the car to safety.  There are many different situations in which tow trucks ...Read More

Five Valuable Lessons from One Enormous Event

I once worked for a homebuilder’s association. Because it was an association, meant to encourage networking and learning, most positions required some form of event planning. Sometimes it was just a simple meeting or luncheon, but we had a few big events every year. ...Read More

10 PowerPoint Tricks to Rock with Your Presentation

One can barely name a course where student don’t make a presentation. It is not just a trend or your professor’s caprice. A PowerPoint presentation serves as a principle visual tool that helps to make your speech highly digestible to your audience. Surely, as ...Read More

Four Wrong Reasons to Buy a Condo

Buying your first flat is probably one of the biggest and grandest milestones you will ever experience in your entire life. After years of saving and investing, you can finally purchase and acquire a place that you can call your very own. However, this ...Read More


Everyone will give you tons of advice to be successful in a corporate environment, but I think our role & responsibility varies according to our position in the corporate hierarchy. A junior executive, a senior manager & A CEO all have to act differently ...Read More