Proven Inspiration Techniques, Which Help You Reduce the Pressure

What’s the main goal of a business owner? Of course you want to produce tangible results, which are mostly evaluated by the profit your projects, products, and services make.

However, there is something we often forget about: tangible results are not possible without encouraging positive environment within your company. Before you can make profit, you need to focus on inspiring your people to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

In other words, your collaborators should not feel pressured to make more money for you. When they get the feeling that they are working for their own satisfaction, you can call yourself a successful businessperson.

Peter Handal, current director of SmartSource Rentals and former chief executive of Dale Carnegie Training, said that “what really matters is that leaders are able to create enthusiasm, empower their people, instill confidence and be inspiring to the people around them.”

His words pretty much sum up the reasons why you should turn to inspirational leadership techniques.1


If you really want to boost the sales, you should take Richard Branson advice: “put your staff first, customers second, and shareholders third.” When you take care of your employees, they will know how to handle the clients for you.

Now, we’re left with the main problem: how exactly do you inspire people to do their jobs without feeling any pressure? Try implementing the following techniques into your leadership style:

  1. Show You Care for Them

As defined in the Oxford Dictionary, “inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” To inspire your employees and collaborators to contribute towards the growth of your business, you need to make them part of the organizational culture.

Your leadership approach should make all workers feel like they are contributing for the community, not for you as their boss. Thus, you should give them a sense of purpose through incentives. Here are some suggestions:

  • Bonuses. Money is the best motivation an employee could possibly ask for. As an owner of a small business, you probably cannot offer huge bonuses, but that’s not even necessary. A one-time increase of only 10% will mean a lot to them.
  • Team-building day trip. Your collaborators will learn new skills, but they will also be super excited for the occasion.
  • Healthy meals and coffee. These are the small things that build the company’s culture. Buy them coffee and fruit salads to show you care about their wellbeing.
    Luckily, an owner of a small business doesn’t have to make great expenses to make the employees feel appreciated. You’ll invest in few cups of coffee and some fruit every day, but you’ll get much more in return.
  1. Give them a Sense of the Future

When your employees and collaborators are repeating the same tasks on a regular basis, they get into a routine that’s detrimental to their motivation.

What’s the solution to this problem? You explain they are working for a great purpose. Every single task they complete with success contributes towards the main goals of your business. Their actions are important because the small community you’ve created depends upon them.2

When solopreneurs do their work successfully, the business grows and they get better working conditions. A single successful project can bring a significant bonus for every collaborator. That’s the vision of brighter future you should nurture; it will keep them going without falling under the pressure of routine.

Steve Jobs, a true example of an inspiring leader, encouraged others to dream big, just as he did. Do you know the story when he inspired John Sculley to quit the Pepsi-Cola team and join him? He only said, “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

Even if your business is small at the moment, you can still follow the example of this great leader: make everyone believe in your vision just much as you do.

3. Encourage Creativity and Free Communication

The people you work with should feel free to get creative. Do not limit them by imposing your own ideas. You can organize group brainstorming techniques that will generate great ideas.3


If the employees get new ideas, they should feel free to talk to you at any time. When you start cultivating ambitious employees, you can call yourself a successful leader.

You should stay open to hear any suggestions and complaints from your collaborators and employees. You need to present yourself as an engaged, caring leader who’s always available to polish out conflicts and encourage the ambitions of his team.

Tell everyone to keep you updated about every single detail involving their work. They should tell you when they complete important tasks, so you’ll be aware of the progress they make and you’ll give further instructions and support.

4. Be a Good Example

If you want to maintain proper behavior and work ethics within your team, you have to be the example everyone follows. Always do your part of the work on time. You need to prove that you’re doing great efforts to push the business forward.

Being an owner of a small business is a great responsibility: you’re not just showing up to delegate responsibilities and expect everyone else to do the work while you’re spending your days in relaxation. Instead of directing people’s activities, show them how things should be done!

When you showcase values worthy of respect, everyone will be motivated to follow your lead.

 5. Don’t Burden Them with Tasks They Cannot Complete

You can’t expect someone to take care of sales while maintaining your social media accounts and writing posts for your blog at the same time. If you want everyone to achieve the highest levels of productivity and performance, you need to keep their tasks within the job description.

If there are extra tasks necessary for the success of your project, you have three options:

  • Cover them yourself
  • Hire another person in your team
  • Outsource! For example, you can outsource mundane writing tasks to, or you can hire a social media manager to handle the online promotion for your business.

 6. Be Their Mentor and Care for Their Progress

Being a mentor and watching a person grow is one of the greatest experiences you’ll get as a business owner. When you notice an employee with distinguished skills and commitment to the job, take an initiative and teach him/her how to become even better.

Prepare your employees and collaborators for higher positions and give your heartfelt recommendation if they decide to proceed their career outside your company. When you maintain the attitude of a mentor, who cares for everyone’s success, you will find new talented people for your team, but you’ll also build strong connections you can always rely on.

The Right Leadership Techniques Create Stress-Free Working Environment

All 6 inspirational techniques listed above have something in common: they teach you to focus on the satisfaction of your employees, as well as the culture of your business. When you shift the focus from your own profit to everyone’s wellbeing, you’ll finally be the leader you always wanted to be.

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