10 PowerPoint Tricks to Rock with Your Presentation

PresentationOne can barely name a course where student don’t make a presentation. It is not just a trend or your professor’s caprice. A PowerPoint presentation serves as a principle visual tool that helps to make your speech highly digestible to your audience. Surely, as everyone makes presentations these days, it requires that you make some strenuous efforts to impress the audience with your visuals. On the other hand, you can follow these tips and tricks to make your presentation attention-grabbing and memorable.

  1. Make a custom template of your own. Bring some creativity in. Play with the background, colors, and fonts to make the presentation not only visually unique, but let it also reflect and highlight the content in the best way possible. In some cases, it might also be a good idea to begin the presentation with a blank slide.
  1. Use some formatting with your images. Add some depth or shadow, make a 3D effect, and see how it all looks better on the screen. Don’t overuse this feature, however. Use formatting to make the necessary emphasis, but not more than that. You can also find Grids and Rulers handy if you want to align the elements on the screen.
  1. Come up with powerful headlines. Just like in a piece of written text, headlines in your presentation should be compelling and communicate the key idea of a particular slide (or a group of them). Make them short, but concise.
  1. Don’t overload the slides. The designers’ rule says that any visuals should contain no more than 5 objects. This concerns both lines of text and graphic elements. Make it even less when your slides use animation of contain other media.
  1. Customize your animations. In any case, you shouldn’t overload your presentation with animated effects. Don’t make your visuals overelaborate — it’s sometimes better to practice simplicity. You can use animation, for instance, with charts. When you animate transition between slides, be sure to make it smooth.
  1. Make some parts of slides zoomable. It is sometimes vital to turn your audience’s attention to a particular element in a slide. This is what the zoom button is for. Don’t forget about this feature when you are presenting your topic.
  1. Vivify your presentation with sound. In PowerPoint, you can easily add sounds. This can be a voice recording, a piece of background music, or a topic-relevant fragment of auditory information. Just imagine how invigorating it would be to activate the two modes of your audience’s perception.
  1. Switch from your presentation to your speech and back. You can use the B or W keys to black or white the screen out, respectively. Use this trick whenever you want to switch the attention of your audience towards you. To get back to your slides, you can press just any key.
  1. Turn your presentation into a video. We’ve already mentioned transitions. You can set them in such a way that every slide smoothly develops into the succeeding one. You can use some audio in the background — only if this does not interfere with your speech or your topic.
  1. Use a custom presentation service like WorldEssays.com. Finally, if you find it hard and time-consuming to make a rocking PowerPoint presentation yourself, you can entrust it to a custom presentation service where it will be crafted by professionals. Might be, it will inspire you to do your next presentation by yourself.

Making PowerPoint presentations is an art that can—and should—be learned by students. Always think of your presentation as of a potent visual aid that helps you hold your audience’s attention in a grip and channel it as you need. It is essential that your visuals are customized and unique, are mixed with other modes of presenting information, such as audio or text, and do not tire your audience with the abundance of elements. Last but not least, be sure to experiment with PowerPoint — might be, you’ll come up with your own tricks sooner or later.

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