Animals play an important role in human life. Love for them enriches people. It positively influences human psychology. Not many people know but pets influence our lives a lot. Be it a cat, a dog, a hamster, a parrot we have at home, it becomes indispensable part of us. For some people in the time of loneliness pets are the only ones they can confess to. In some critical, turning points of life love to pets can save life, forming the motivation to continue to live. For those people who are more sociable and realized in all spheres of human relationships, pets are good friends. Men like to take them to the forest to hunt, women prefer taking them for a walk. Children are, of course, particularly interested in animals at home. For them they are true companions in endless discovering of the world.

Therapeutic effects of loving a pet

Natural, vivid love to pets is though not the only gift they give us. It is scientifically proven, that communication with animals reduces stress and can influence the traits of human character. Very important is to know that people can get rid of stress if they have a pet at home and care about it. In 2001 there was relevant to it psychological research that showed impressive data. People who own pets have less high blood pressure than people who live alone. Those with heart problems have less chance to get a heart attack if they continuously communicate with animals. Moreover, pets can rescue from depression. They are reliable friends for any person. People, who have animals at home, should create for them good conditions and provide real care. Having pets can also help people to socialize. Dogs lovers, for example, gather together at dog lovers shows yearly, at various exhibitions and other interesting and fascinating events. Pets enrich and open one more part of a unique world for their owners!

Owners and Their Pets Have Similar Personalities

Curious and important fact to know is that we can make judgment on human character if we understand the character of his or her home animal.  Human brain has certain patterns on how animals reflect the true characters of their owners. Some people keep crocodiles or small lions at home. About them we can say they are risk-takers. Those who love snakes we supposedly perceive as cold, quite, closed personalities. Big, huge dogs in humans wake up feeling of confidence, security, protection. We suggest their owners to be open-minded, mild-hearted people.

Fortunately, in today’s world having a pet is a sign of civic responsibility and usually is perceived positively in society. State and regional governments form the relevant policies to protect animals from any negative effects communication with humans can have.

Most people enjoy that pets form important part of their lives. The only essential thing for any person always to remember is that an animal is a creation of nature and has certain necessities. Take care of your pet and enrich your daily life with its love and friendship!

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  1. We must always remember that we are responsible for those who have been tamed. Our pets wait for us every day at home and we must share them with due attention.

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