Summer vacation is close but you still have no money for a trip to the desired place? That is never a reason for cancelling your trip as you can still earn money while traveling to any place you want. Travellers need only their laptop or musical instrument for earning the amount of money they lack. If you still don’t know how to do that, here you will find 4 ways how you can make money without even leaving your hotel room or chaise-longue.

The most popular ways of earning money during your trip:

  1. Freelance:,, are websites where travelers can perform any task, consistent with their skills and get money for that. Tasks vary from performing some monkey job or sending a message to making a WordPress-based website but it never requires a full-time commitment. Remote workers can enjoy sunbathing at Haiti and work to pay for their room the same time;
  2. Tutoring: Do you know something so deeply that you can teach others? If that is true – sign in to or, choose your subject and wait for students. Even people who don’t know anything can earn by teaching their native language. Even if your native language is Korean – you can still find people who want to learn it with natives;
  3. Street music: If you are a professional musician or you can sing popular songs well – reach the main street of the city and start your performance. Only 3 hours of such performance can bring musicians enough cash for paying for your hotel room. In 3 days of such performance, street musicians will earn enough for covering their expenses on a ticket back home. Don’t forget bringing your musical instrument with you if you want to use that way of earning money;
  4. Work in a hotel: If travelers are planning to stay for more than 1 month in some city – nothing stops them from working at the hotel. Hotels are waiting for workers during busy seasons and they are more than welcome to travelers agreeing to work for a room. Anyway, at your free time, they can still go sightseeing and see the city they want to visit.

Another way for covering your travel expenses

Although such ways are great for travelers for enjoying an amazing holiday, for those who want to rest, there is another option of earning money. You shouldn’t even worry about earning money if you have a right travel card. The most popular travel credit cards always offer special bonuses, free miles on the airline, free nights at the hotel which will reduce your travel expenses a lot.

Travelers don’t need some sophisticated calculations for finding out that they can save the same amount they were planning to earn working in the trip. However, it is still not the reason for making some money to taste a traditional meal or visit some extra place.