Five Valuable Lessons from One Enormous Event

I once worked for a homebuilder’s association. Because it was an association, meant to encourage networking and learning, most positions required some form of event planning. Sometimes it was just a simple meeting or luncheon, but we had a few big events every year. ...Read More

25 Steps to Perfect Makeup and Manicure

Adapt your makeup to your age, your bone structure and your lifestyle, and you can’t go wrong. Beware of swimming pools. Swimming is good for the figure, but not for the face. Chlorine is very harsh and roughens the top layer of the skin, ...Read More

5 Protein Desserts You Can Have for Breakfast

If you want to remain fresh and energetic for the entire day, you need to consume healthy foods in the morning. One should eat breakfast that contains high proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and other nutrients. By consuming foods that particularly contain high protein, one can ...Read More

The Most Useful Skincare Tips For Women

So many things have been said and claimed about what truly makes skin healthy and beautiful even as it grows older and more mature.  Even as countless anti-aging products are vying for your undivided attention (and your hard earned dollar), there are certain treats ...Read More

Must Try Tricks on Computers

A computer can be used for a lot of purposes. You can use the computer to hack into others, or spy on others or just if you are a developer yourself there are many tips that you can use to work on computers easily. ...Read More

5 Things To Expect When At a Hen Party

Whether this is your first ever hen party and you’re one of the hens or you’re the blushing bride, or you yourself are a seasoned veteran in the ‘ways of the hen night’ while every party is different, there will be certain rules for ...Read More

Five Inspired Outfits for the Avid Road Traveler

Back in the day, travelling used to be quite a glamorous venture. Remember the high-end Orient Express dress code, the stylish tuxedos and flashy evening dresses, the hats, the bowties and the shoes. In our contemporary times, traveling is accessible to anyone with a ...Read More

10 PowerPoint Tricks to Rock with Your Presentation

One can barely name a course where student don’t make a presentation. It is not just a trend or your professor’s caprice. A PowerPoint presentation serves as a principle visual tool that helps to make your speech highly digestible to your audience. Surely, as ...Read More